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André Anderson

André Anderson established the Audacious Adventurer Scholarship with the UW-Superior Foundation at the end of 2018 to support driven UW-Superior students pursue travel study dreams and goals. His reasons were based on his experiences growing up and at UW-Superior:

“Growing up, I never had access to a lot of money, and would save, scrounge, and work my ass off to obtain enough money to travel around the US and around the world. One of my longest held life goals was to study abroad in Japan and China— places that were so radically different in culture than I was used to— which I achieved during my studies at UWS. If it were not for the generosity of many donors at UWS I would have never been able to fulfill my goals, let alone transform myself by attending higher education.

The idea behind this scholarship is to continue to pay it forward to future students and provide means to those that dare enough to go after their dreams. I hope that through exploring the vast amount of unique cultures and areas of the world it will provide perspective, experience, and continue to build a successful and connected international community. It is my hope that winners of this scholarship understand the world is open for us to make our own path, create that path and pay it forward to teach others to create their path in this world."