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Bernice C. Anderson

Bernice Clemens Anderson, a devoted teacher, described herself as “an educator who wants to contribute to quality education in any way I can”. After attending a three year training course at the Superior Normal School, she earned her equivalent of a teaching degree. She was devoted to her students and had no qualms about keeping students after class or pushing students a little harder to get them to succeed. She was both a Civics and English teacher and taught at several schools in the area including St. Croix falls, Blaine, and Duluth Morgan Park.

Bernice Anderson was not just a teacher. She was known for her entertaining, and loved to travel. In fact, she said that she had traveled everywhere except the Far East. She retired from her teaching career after 47 years of dedication. But, her contribution to education was not over. Her 1990 donation to UW-Superior, establishing a scholarship in her name, helped many students and continues to help students to this day. She felt every student deserved the equal opportunity to learn and prosper from higher education.