Chemistry Alumni Scholarship

Chemistry Alumni Scholarship

The Chemistry Alumni Scholarship is made possible through support from UW-Superior chemistry and physics alumni, faculty, and friends. Since November 2012, these generous donors have purchased elements, particles, and even a compound of their choosing from the Super Donor Periodic Table. The table is on display in Barstow Hall, and prices range from $300 to $15,600. Donors may choose to support student scholarships, equipment, or both with their purchase.

The idea stemmed from the rise of enrollment numbers due to increased recruitment efforts by the faculty in the chemistry and physics program. As more students entered the department, the faculty recognized a need to supplement the scholarship base and the idea of the periodic table began to take shape.

“Through donations to scholarships and equipment funds, talented and hardworking students are provided with opportunities to achieve their goals. I’m proud of the achievements of our graduates and I gave because I wanted to do my small part in keeping these opportunities available for future students,” said UW-Superior chemistry professor Dr. James Lane, who purchased the element Neon.

Scholarship criteria: For students in good academic standing and majoring in chemistry. Funded by purchases of the elements and particles on the Super Donor Periodic Table in Barstow Hall.