Dr. Stanley and Mrs. Eleanor Oexemann

Through a successful academic career, Dr. Stanley Oexemann established the Emma Oexemann Scholarship in memory of his mother, Emma. Dr. Stanley passed away in 2007, and is survived by his wife, Mrs. Eleanor Oexemann.

Dr. Stanley Oexemann earned his bachelor’s degree at McKendree College (now McKendree University) in Illinois. He taught at Sassafras Grove School, then went on to the University of Illinois to earn a doctorate in the sciences. He taught biology for six years at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. However, his best teaching position was at UW-Superior.

At UW-Superior, Dr. Stanley was a professor of biology, served as the biology department’s head, was director of summer school, ad served as Dean of the School of Letters and Sciences. He worked closely with Dr. Jim Dan Hill, Dean Edwin Schnillr, and Professor Bolender. Dr. Oexemann published texbooks such as Flowers Their Culture and Uses (1944), Botany for the Laboratory (1955), and General Plant Science (1961). He also had multiple articles published in journals, including “Relation of the Effects of Growth-Promoting Substances to Photosynthetic Activity, The Mass Law of Growth and Seed Germination” (1940), “Relation of the Effects of Seed Weight to Roots and Tops of Two Varieties of Soybeans” (1941), and “Relation of Seed Weight to Vegetative Growth, Differentiation, and Yield in Plants” (1942).

Dr. Oexemann also had numerous newspaper and magazine articles published on gardening, landscaping, the stock market, and stock trading. He was a consultant on plant nutrition, plant diseases, landscape materials, wild food and medicinal plants, and the stock market. His major hobbies were gardening, fishing, playing the organ, and playing the stock markets.